Valentine’s Day 2017 – Photographers Kids

February 14, 2017

Valentine’s Day 2017 Session – Lancaster PA Photographer

Taking Valentine’s Day photos of my own kids is always a challenge.  I can never seem to get them all in a happy mood at the same time.  Enter food, all smiles. I first tried to do portraits.  The eldest was in a “not going to listen mode” the toddler was in a not happening, but I will play my own “peek-a-boo”, and the baby was just miserable.  I was asking a lot, it was approaching bedtime and I held snack from them.  The kids were in full revolt and crank mode.  I had such a busy day and I quickly pulled together this set up.  The kids only wanted to play with the hearts and of course the baby managed to pull a few off.

I gave up rather quickly on the portrait part and whipped out the Little Debbie Valentine’s cakes.  No problem cooperating now.  The baby was instantly happy and so was the toddler.  They go from happy to “hangry” (angry hungry).  The dogs instantly came down the steps in hopes of getting a snack themselves.  Of course my kids are a hot mess around food and the dogs got more than they should have off the floor.  But it was less for me to clean up.

Red Target Cake Stand

I was really glad to find the red cake stand at Target.  I saw it 2 times before and kept passing it up.  I happened to go back and it was there.  I grabbed it.   Our one local Target doesn’t seem to have anything in stock for long if they have any of the good stuff.  I cannot wait until the new one is built to pull the traffic away from my local Target.  I try to not go to Target too often.  As any Target shopper knows, it is so hard to go in and get only what you traveled there for.