Sibling Composite

February 23, 2017

Compositing – Newborn and Older Sibling


See how cute and fantastic the image is above?!  I am enamored.  Big brother A did not really want to interact with is little sister.  He wanted to play.  That is typical toddler behavior.  I am a stranger, there is a light and I am hiding my face behind a camera.  I also had a lot of toys that I knew A would love to play with.  He was having a good time.  A composite was the way to go.

We safely posed his sister and took her photo.  She was such a relaxed baby just watching all of us around her.   Getting older brother A was a bit trickier.  He loves his trains so we piled all his trains in his basket.  He rather quickly took them out.  We decided to have him find Percy or find Thomas in the basket.  He happened to point at Thomas and I knew as soon as I took the photo, it was going to be the one I would use.

These two are so cute and adorable, and I couldn’t be more pleased with how this turned out.  It took only a moment to take the winning image and big brother A was off playing with the trains.