Princess and the Pea

May 18, 2017

Princess and the Pea | Lancaster Newborn Photographer


When Kaylee’s mom got in touch with me for her newborn session, I knew I wanted to make a bed.  When she and I were talking about crowns for her head, I came up with the Princess and the Pea theme for the bed set up.  I was excited to do this set up and since I love being crafty, I could get it to look exactly how I wanted it to.  This is also great as I can customize it to the session in the colors mom already chose.  There is no waiting 4-6 weeks for a vendor to make and back and forth with color palettes and then hoping that they got it right while waiting for the product.  I was able to pull the exact tones I wanted and could reuse some of the layers if I wished for other set ups in her session.

If you have an idea for your newborn session, I would love to work with you and make it a reality.  Stay tuned for a blog post on how I made this bed prop.

Enjoy the images below and check out that darling crown mom bought!  Here is another post of images if you would like to see more from Kaylee’s Session

Princess and the Pea
Princess and the Pea

Drop me a line if you would like to chat about your newborn session.  I am eager to hear from you!