Photography Safety-Client Safety

March 22, 2016

Client safety is absolutely paramount in any photography session.   This doesn’t just encompass newborns. Older babies also need close supervision.  And I mean CLOSE!  

  Client Safety

Here for example is a 7 month old.  Mom was right there the entire time.  Babies are little weeble wobbles.  They give you faith that they won’t fall over, but they still do.  Because your sturdy prop could tip or they could tip a spotter is needed.  Even with those little ones that are superb sitters, still need a parent spotter close.

Never trust a little one.  Mom or Dad make the best spotters as they know their child the best.  They know when to have a little faith and when not to.  

In the first year babies are still learning their bodies.  As they are learning that, they are also learning the environment around them.  Props you wouldn’t find harmful, a little child might.  You may baby proof your house for your kids, yet another kid find areas you did not secure.  Each child has his or her own curiosities and interests.  As a parent and a professional, everything is considered to ensure the safety of every model.  

Newborn Safety

Below is a pull back of a newborn with the spotter who is also the pacifier puller. I weighted this bucket. I mean I WEIGHTED this bucket! My husband has a workout weight vest with individual 1 lbs weight blocks that you can put in depending on the amount you wish. They are perfect for weighing down props. I put them in the bottom of every prop. Even the ones that there is no way it would tip over. You can never be too careful! These little 1 lbs weights are nice and compact. I put  7-10 in the bottom of each prop. Therefore it is at least the weight of the baby. Always have a spotter close. If not, have mom or dad stand by to spot.

Client Safety Newborn Safety

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