Photography and Covid-19

April 23, 2020

I am currently closed per state mandate as I am a legal business. I will not operate and put any of my clients or my own family’s health in danger. I miss my clients! It breaks my heart having to move many sessions to dates unknown until this pandemic passes. Hopefully the current opening of May 8th is my opening date.

While looking ahead to reopening my studio, I also have to look at the health and safety of my family and clients in our new normal world. Most of what is above in the photo I already do. Unless you know me, or have had a previous session with me, you wouldn’t know the ways I keep your health safe.

Since my studio is in my home, if any of my family is sick, I will reschedule your session. Even if I am healthy, I could be a germ carrier to your family, or you could pick up the germs from being in my home. I clean my studio and home, and sanitize both before every session. Please, if you are sick and have a session, get in touch and reschedule your session. Little ones who are sick do not make the best photo subjects. You want smiles and the best way is to have a healthy child. Even if you wake up on the day of your session and someone is sick, let me know. I have a really relaxed sick policy and we can reschedule your session.

I wash my hands several times before your arrival. When you arrive and we head down to my studio, I use hand sanitizer before starting your session. You will see me do it. I have multiple bottles of hand sanitizer around the studio. I use it several times during a newborn session. Please feel free to use it as well.

I wash all textiles before each session. They are freshly laundered in dye free, scent free, sensitive skin, and Oxiclean free detergent. I am allergic to Oxiclean and know how harsh it can be on skin. Especially newborn skin.

I do have face masks to wear during your session. I had them in my studio before COVID-19 came around and changed our world. They are surgical ones and not homemade fabric ones.

I am also fully vaccinated as is my family. Regardless of your personal decision on vaccines, know that my family is helping provide protection to those who cannot get vaccinations. I have had clients ask me if I was vaccinated. Even if you do not chose me as your photographer, please feel free to ask those who you are hiring. It is an important question and you are entitled to an answer. Also if you change your mind on your photographer as a result of their answer, do not feel badly. It is your decision as a parent.

If you have any other questions regarding health and safety, please ask. I will give you honest answers. If you have any special requests, please talk to me about them and we can work together. Be sure to follow me on Facebook for updates on reopening.