Photographers are Artists

November 21, 2017

Photographers are Artists


Photographers are artists.  Not all of us are, but most of us can be.  We do not just snap the shutter on the camera.  We are to bring out a vision.  That is why you hire us.  If you have a vision, seek out a professional who can meet your needs.  Don’t just look for a photographer who can give you that “one” good photo.  Find the photographer who doesn’t take a “bad” image.  A “bad” image isn’t one where you don’t like the way you look, if you only lost 10 lbs, or looks 10 years younger, but one where the person you are is shown.  Who you are and the relationships of those in the portrait with you.

When mom Debbie contacted me about doing her daughters newborn photos, one of the things she said she liked was princesses.  She also wanted blue for her baby.  Princesses and blue you think Cinderella.  Mom and Dad have a love of reading and Cinderella would read as she cleaned.  (According to Disney of course).

Before baby E arrived, I was looking for a backdrop that would work with blue and princess castle.  Most were colors of pinks and purples.  It just didn’t fit. It didn’t fit mom’s wishes or mine as photographer.  Two days before Miss E came into the studio, I found a digital backdrop that was just perfect.  It was more realistic of a princess castle and not pink and purple!  Thank you Sasha for always thinking ahead.

Mom was gifted this amazing pettiskirt but it has just a little too much green tones to it for Cinderella.  I changed the hue in post and added the digital backdrop.  I am so glad this came together how it did.


If you are looking for a newborn photographer, look no further, I would love to talk to you about what you are looking for your newborn’s portrait session.

Photographers are Artists