Family – Lititz Flower Field

July 3, 2018

Photographer Family Photo Swap – Lititz Flower Field

As photographers, it isn’t the easiest to schedule a time to get our own family photos done.  Not to  mention choosing a fellow professional to do the same work you do.  We are all artists and see locations differently and edit our images differently.  I am more of a posed family photographer, and Crystyn of Photography by Crystyn who I swapped with does more lifestyle and candid shots.

When Crystyn posted on our photographers group looking for a swap I jumped at the chance.  I love meeting and getting to know other local photographers as we will lean on each other for help if need be.  If we are sick and need help covering a wedding or trying to fit a newborn in before they are too old.

Crystyn picked the flower field in Lititz for our swap.  I did not have a preference and honestly didn’t plan on getting to the field this year.  With Winter heading right into Summer with a wet wet wet “spring” that never arrived.  I wasn’t waiting on the flowers to bloom.  The first year of the field they were blooming in early May.  The first week of May I was taking photos there.  This year, end of June.  Almost 6 weeks later!

I am so glad she picked it and we went.  It was 100 degrees in the middle of a long heat wave and we were just a sweaty mess but so worth it.  The sunset was amazing!  I will share photos I took of just my kids in another blog post.  It made the colors of the field really pop with the softer summer sunset light.  Check out these photos of Crystyn’s family!  The kids were troopers with the horrible temperatures!

If you are wanting family portraits done get in touch with me!  I am not sure how long this field will be blooming, and although the heatwave is awful, we do not have to worry about evening thunderstorms and have amazing sunsets.  Follow me on Facebook and Instagram!

Lititz Flowerfield Lancaster flowerfield Photographer Family Photo SwapPhotographer Family Photo SwapLititz Flowerfield Photographer Family Photo SwapLititz flower field Photographer Family Photo Swap