Orchard Mommy and Me | Lancaster Family Photographer

April 25, 2017

Orchard Setting – Mommy and Me | Lancaster Family Photographer


Having a mommy and me session a little later in the morning had me a little worried about the sun being so high in the sky.  April’s sun is the same strength as August’s, or so I have heard.  The orchard trees are blooming beautifully but the delicate blossoms do not offer much in the way of shade.  Even so, I think the photos turned out wonderful with a light and airy feel to them.

Mom’s need to get into the photos with the kids.  I want to get in the photos with my own kids.  You should want to be in the photos with your children.  Are your kids going to smile?  Maybe.  Are they going to be clean even though you kept them pristine in the car and wouldn’t let them touch anything?  Hopefully.  Are you going to have memories of all of you together, showing your family personality and dynamic?  Yes.  We will get giggles, tongues hanging out, smirks, goofy grins, but we will get the photo.  Your kids being, well, kids!

I will get those posed family shots, but we also have to kid the kids a little free rein to be themselves.  Those images are usually the favorites.  They won’t be the large image framed in the living room, but they will be the image sitting on your desk at work, or your bedside table.

Let me know if you would like to spend some time in an orchard with blooming trees for your session.