Newborn Safety – Simpler Pose

September 18, 2017

Newborn Safety


This pose looks easy doesn’t it?  Most can do it from adults down to small children.  Even some babies can stay in this position.  However, a newborn’s neck muscles are not developed and cannot hold their heavy heads up.   Sometimes in this position the baby’s head can flop over to the side.  Depending on how the rest of their body is laying, the baby can keep rolling.  Their heads are the bulk of their body weight so it is important to keep that baby from rolling and injuring themselves.

A nearby Dad is always a ready and willing spotter.  We have all seen the youtube compilation videos of Dad’s saving the day with superhero reflexes.  Let Dad flex that power and help out.

Photoshop is a photographer’s safety pal.  You get the fabulous shot and the baby is safe at all times.  Most of the images with newborns have supportive hands, and in this case a finger, removed during editing.  Make sure when you are researching your photographer that you ask about safety during your baby’s session.  If client’s only knew all the posts from photographers who say “I had no idea that was a composite” scare me.  (Composite=two or more images blended into one).  If at all during your session you feel uncomfortable with what a photographer is doing, SPEAK UP!  Don’t think you are a paranoid new parent.  Always go with your gut and speak up.  Better safe than sorry.

Below you will see the SOOC (straight out of camera) image without editing and then the final completed image.  Dad’s are awesome spotters.

Dad's finger spotting newborn for safety during chin on arms poseNewborn Safety Simpler Pose

If you have a Dad looking to flex his superpowers during your baby’s newborn session, I would love his help.  Cape optional.