Newborn Baby Boy – Cohen

March 3, 2019

Newborn Baby Boy – Cohen

Sweet baby Cohen.  He was one happy and contented baby especially if he was wrapped all snug as a bug. Mom said she wanted sports themes with his newborn session and she brought along a blanket she had made.  Mom and Dad both love different football teams and this way Cohen can support both teams.  You will see his personalized blanket in a few images below.  Mom had the blanket made by a vendor on Etsy.

I asked Mom and Dad how they settled on the name Cohen and they said depending on who you ask, what the story will be.  Mom is a Bears fan and Dad is a Packers fan.  During a football game, Mom saw the name Cohen and put the name on her short list.  Dad was not quite on board with it until he looked up the meaning of the name.  Cohen means Priest.  Mom will say he was named after a Bears football team member and Dad will say he felt the meaning of Cohen is what spoke to his heart.

I mentioned Cohen was content when he was all wrapped up, but he was also content in a new poser that I received.  Cohen was the first baby I used in the poser, and I believe Cohen gives his full support.  It looks like a little baby bean bag chair and Cohen just hung out in there so happy.  Mom and Dad know a future gift idea for him.  Bean bag chairs are great for any age.

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