Newborn Abigail | Lancaster Newborn Photographer

May 12, 2017

Newborn Abigail | Lancaster Newborn Photographer


When Abigail’s Mom told me the colors she would like she said neutral tones with a light teal.  The light teal would be a match to her nursery room walls which were painted in the color.  I was really excited to add teal colors to my arsenal of photography props and colors.  It was a fun color to shop for.

I have been wanting to use a feather wreath for a newborn.  With mom’s choice of mainly neutrals and favoring grays,  I knew it was a great time to be able to use one.  Issue was, I didn’t have one.  Yet.  See how I made one for Abigail’s session on a future blog.

I hope you enjoy a few of this little one’s gallery.  Enjoy the monotone with the pop of teal.

The floor drop is from Intuitions, the Fur is from NonnaMia, Romper and tiebacks made by me, Bonnets made by Newborn Knits by Chelsea, and Natasha’s Prop Studio.

Newborn Abigail Newborn Abigail

If you have a great color in mind for your newborn session, I would love to hear from you.  I will match your session to your wishes for your precious bundle of joy.

Miss Abigail also got the use of a lot of my new props.  I was so excited to use them and she was a perfect model.  I still have a lot of new props that are awaiting use and I look forward to being able to use them on your baby!