Maggie’s Baby Shower – Sloan Park, Lancaster, PA

March 16, 2017

Maggie’s Baby Shower – Sloan Park, Lancaster PA

When a friend or family member is having a baby, it is such a wonderful time.  A great excuse to come together and have fun.  Maggie’s baby shower brought friends and family from all over the US and Canada.  Maggie and Peter are a wonderful couple and I cannot wait to see them as parents.  They are going to be awesome.  Their new family will have a lot of fun and laughs.

Maggie rented out a pavilion in Sloan Park in Lancaster, PA.  I have never been there, but it was really nice!  A nice grill for the fabulous meat that was cooking, electric for the DJ and lights later in the evening.  There was plenty of space and parking along with playgrounds for the kids.  This is now on my list if I ever need one myself.

I am starting off this series of photos with a shot of the guys.  They were relaxing watching things get set up and started.  Telling funny stories.  I would have liked to be closer to hear what they were saying.  It must have been good.

Here is the grill I was talking about. It isn’t a tiny thing you see at most parks. Plenty of room to cook meat for the guests. Man it smelled good and tasted even better!

Maggie’s older sister printed a photo from their maternity session and placed it in a frame for guests to sign. What a great token to place in the baby’s nursery. Guests were lined up to write a little message. I love seeing when guys write a message.


What party isn’t complete without dancing?  Maggie surprised Peter by finding a DJ who would play Kenyan music and knew Kenyan dancing.  DJBreaz came up from Maryland for the shower.  There was hardly anyone who did not get up and dance.  It was a hot evening and everyone was enjoying themselves.  Summer stuck around for a bit longer and kept everyone more than comfy in late September.   If I wasn’t busy taking photos, I would have joined in and learned more dance moves.

The photo in the upper right is my favorite one of Maggie dancing at her baby shower.  She was enjoying every minute of her shower and being pregnant with her little girl.


This baby shower was a celebration involving all friends and family.  One game was planned involving the guys.  These guys had to empty a bottle without touching the bottle.  Babies cannot use their hands when they are born and are solely dependent upon a parent to hold it for them.  This game helped the guys to put themselves in the baby’s shoes.  However to make it an adult game, it wasn’t apple juice in those bottles.


What party isn’t complete without a cake!  After the cutting of the cake by mom and dad to be and a few select ladies in their lives, the kids descended.   I am not sure if any adults had a slice.  These kids were very eager to get a piece as they were waiting all evening for it.

In the second photo, you can tell the adults were busy oohing and ahhing over all the little baby items.  The kids had a little too much fun with the cake.   As soon as I noticed what had happened, and really I was standing right beside them, some mom’s saw.  That was the end of the cake for the kids and it was time to get cleaned up.

This is Maggie’s niece.  She enjoys taking photos and I hope she continues to do so.  I would like to see the images she managed to capture at the shower.

I regularly do not do event photography, but I was more than willing to do so for Maggie and Peter.  I had a great time just being on the wings of the party taking photos.  It was a lovely time and their baby is going to be well loved by many.

If you are interested in my photography services, reach out, I would love to talk to you!