Lititz Flowerfield – Toddler

July 3, 2017

Lititz Flowerfield – Toddler Session – Lancaster, PA Children Photographer



Last year, I found this flowerfield in the end of May.  A few photographers knew of it and we were able to get photos there with a ton of flowers.  July 1 of last year it made the local newspaper and everyone knew about it.  The rate the flowers became trampled was ridiculous.  It lasted about another 2-3 weeks and it was all weeds and flattened.  With summer warm weather not showing up until well into June this year, the flowers were late in getting started.  With coinciding with school letting out, it has been trampled even faster this year.  It is an absolute shame.  I have seen so many folks who drove their car deep into the grass 5-6 members get out and pick handfuls and get back into their car and drive off.  Signs were everywhere to not pick.  I am sure the owner planted the flowers to attract pollinators for his grape plants which he planted along side the field.  The owner was doing a wonderful thing, helping bees and butterflies and sharing the beauty with his community.  Some members of the community need some etiquette, manners, and human decency classes.  This is private property that he allowed cars and people to utilize.

Ok, off my soap box.  I took my two youngest to the field one night.  Here are images of my youngest and a few of her an her brother.  The light was yummy at the golden hour.  It is really important to get there later in the evening for this great lighting.  Otherwise it is too harsh.   I see so many local photographers photographing in the bright mid day sun, and even later afternoon it is still too harsh.  The photos look it.  Very few know how to shoot in midday sun and embrace that style.  Usually you need a flash (or a few) that become strong enough to over power the sun.  I am not one to use an OCF (OFF camera flash) so I can offer no tips on that, but there are tons of youtube videos and places like creativelive or phlearn who you can turn for resources.  As a side note, if you get there before golden hour, just hang out, most folks leave just when the lighting gets fabulous so you have less people to wait for to move, or ask to move, or edit out of your images.

I hope you enjoy a few images of my darling daughter.  As most littles, she had her ups and downs during our time there.  Tip: Always have snacks.  Preferably ones that will be small and fit one at a time in the mouth so it will not be seen and you can snap away between chews.  It also keeps their outfits clean.  Fruit snacks, or gold fish are great.

lititz flowerfield toddler in golden hour sunlititz flowerfield brother and sister on rocklititz flowerfield darker edit brother and sisterOne year old in lititz flowerfield

Call or send me a message here through my contact form if you would like a session at the Lititz flowerfield.  I do not know if they will be here next year so grab a session while you can.  The owner is expanding his vineyard and most likely will not plant the flowers next year.  Middle of the week is the best time to go.  The weekends are packed with folks visiting the field.