J’s Balloon Fun – Lancaster, PA Baby Photographer

February 13, 2017

J’s Balloon Fun – Lancaster, PA Baby Photographer

As I was blowing up balloons for J’s one year old portrait and cake smash session, I decided to blow up on more.  I was so happy that I did!  J was having a grand time playing with it.   Balloons are so simple but so much fun to kids of all ages.   J is such a cutie and I am glad he was having a lot of fun after being so good for portraits.  This was his little break before starting in on cake.

J would let it go up really high before pulling it right back down and giggling.   The amazement and wonder that kids show when experiencing something new is my favorite part.  Even if it is not a new experience, when the novelty hasn’t worn off it is special every time.  I am so glad I was able to capture these images to be cherished.  The last image is my favorite.  I am deciding what size I want to hang in my studio.

I love one year old sessions.  (Tied for first place with newborn snuggles). If you are looking for a photographer to capture your little sweat heart and celebrate their first birthday, get in touch with me.  I cannot wait to work with you and your little one.

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