J’s Cake Smash – Baby Photographer Lancaster, PA

January 27, 2017

J’s Cake Smash.  I love this look as he grabbed the cake stand holding this wonderful cake!  Gasp!  He pulled the cake closer.  J was timid at first and kept checking with Mom to see if he was going to get into trouble if he had some.  Parents are always trying to keep the kids nice, neat, and clean.  Not that we are afraid of making a mess, just the clean up of the mess.  Kids love to make a mess.  Cake smash is the perfect time as here is one time the parents don’t have to clean up!

After J’s session, I am really loving cake smashes.  They are so much fun.  There are two types of smashers.  One who goes right into the cake and others who are more timid and cautious.  Some will make a huge mess, others do not care so much for being sticky.  J was a cautious one year old.  He wasn’t a fan of having a lot on his hands and would wipe the excess on the floor.  I love that he needed a water break before digging back in.  It is important to read the one year old to make sure if they need a water break they get one.  Cake icing is a lot more sugar than what they are used to getting in their daily diets.



So cute:) I love “water break” moment:)

So cute!

Fun Cake smash!! Love the candids!

So cute! Love the set up.

Very cute cake smash! Looks like he really loved the cake even if he didn’t like getting too messy 🙂

So stinking sute! I LOVE the colors too!