Joey Turns 2!

January 29, 2019

Joey Turns 2!

This adorable little  boy has been my first client of the year for the past three.  Joey’s birthday is New Year’s Day.  Not only does he lighten up his parent’s life at the start of the year, he also managed to be the New Years Baby for Lancaster County!    He is super adorable and speaks his own language.  I love how little ones come up with their own words for things.  Joey has unusual and clever word associations.

Joey’s dad, like most guys, is into cars and motorcycles.  Joey is a chip off the old block.  There is a photo series that shows how Joey puts things upside down to fix them.  He flixes the broken motorcycle and then he tries to fully test out his mechanical engineering skills with a ride around the block.   Seems like Joey is going to need a motorcycle power wheels when he can balance himself on one.

Joey’s mom said he liked cars and motorcycles.  I picked up the little car prop at our local CVS and the motorcycle at Hobby Lobby.  The stool came from Hobby Lobby as well.  The backdrops are from One Stop Backdrop.  If you are looking for a photographer for your little one, please reach out to me and we can plan a session to showcase your little one’s personality and favorite things.  Follow me on Facebook to stay up to date.  Also follow me on Instagram and you will get to know me personally as well as professionally.

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