Jaxon’s Airplane Blue and Teal Cake Smash

January 20, 2018

Jaxon's Airplane Blue and Teal Cake Smash

Jaxon's mom and I know each other through our photographer circles.  It was so hard to believe that we actually never met until my Christmas Tree Farm minis which was just a week before Jaxon's one year portraits.  It felt like I have been hanging out with her for years. We both know so much about our life struggles without going into any lengthy story.  It isn't a club that you want anyone to be a member of, but those that are, instantly know your life's story and that is comforting.  Jaxon's Mom Lindsey and I both struggled with infertility.  Jaxon decided he wanted a super early birthday giving his parents more gray hairs then they were expecting.  Hard to believe that the tiny NICU peanut is  now every bit of the bouncing baby boy everyone was expecting. 

Lindsey had planned Jaxon's birthday and cake smash months in advance.  Which was wonderful as Fall and December always seem to snowball.  We scheduled early in case of any holiday sniffles came into play and plenty of time for mom to get things printed for his birthday (December 30) with all the holiday card order load most places have to deal with.  One less thing to rush to get done in time for the one year birthday party. 

Jaxon's Grandfather was an aviation mechanic and that was one of the reasons for his birthday theme.  I told Lindsey all about this pedal airplane prop I had and how I almost pee'd myself with glee when she told me her theme.  I also had a vintage plane that I used for decor in my son's nursery that I was able to pull in for some photos.  Jaxon was so cute playing with the plane! 

Enjoy Jaxon's images from his portrait session.  If you have a baby about to celebrate their first birthday, I would love to plan a portrait session for you!  Cake smashes are so much fun and one year old's are my favorite age as they show off their personalities. 

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Pedal Airplane one year old portrait session One year old portraits with a balloon Jaxon's Airplane Blue and Teal Cake Smash One year old airplane portrait session Jaxon's Airplane Blue and Teal Cake Smash Jaxon's Airplane Blue and Teal Cake Smash