One Year Cake Smash

I love cake smashes! If I had to pick one of my favorite things to photograph, this would be one of the top contenders. Your little one has accomplished many milestones this past year of growth. Let’s document their accomplishments and celebrate their first birthday! From those who are not afraid to make a cake mess, to those more timid who do not care for the feel of cake on their hands. I am going to capture that and you will always have these to look back on and remember.


Why do a cake smash?

Cake Smashes have been a tradition.   Now we have the ability to capture these memories forever via photos.  Your baby has done so much growing during this first year, that it is a great time to capture their accomplishments and celebrate!

What is the best age for a cake smash?

Cake Smashes are mainly for first birthdays.  Most like to schedule the session as close to the actual birthday, but I photograph the session from 11-14 months of age.

Do I include the cake and decorations?

Yes I do!  We will plan out the theme and colors you are looking for and come together to make the vision come alive.  I do have a professional baker who bakes the cakes.  For this reason, PLEASE tell us if your child has ANY allergy so we can discuss options.

All you need to bring is the birthday baby and outfits.

Can we have family photos are the same time?

Babies during this age are so much fun, but as a parent, we realize how quickly that can change to tears or boredom.  This session is designed to take an hour in order to keep your baby engaged.  Family or sibling photos can be schedule for a seperate session on another day.

How to we book a session?

Please contact us by using the Contact Page.  I would love to hear from you!