Happy Halloween 2017

October 31, 2017

Happy Halloween 2017!


Happy Halloween!  I think I am timing this well writing this blog today.  Halloween is a great day.  Kids can dress up and be whomever they desire.  Anthony came to see me last Friday and I definitely wanted to do a jack-o-lantern set up with him.  I love this prop and can use it only one time a year.   Last year I used it with a newborn girl and I was super excited to be able to put a little boy in it this year!

I usually do my parent portraits with a newborn first.  However, I did this set up before them for Anthony.  I was a little concerned as he wasn’t really sleepy.  Mom said that he is usually a calm awake baby, so I went with the set up.  I am really glad I did.  Anthony was a wonderful model.

Anthony rocked this set up.  He was awake, happy, and calm.  I was able to get wonderful awake shots and sleepy shots, and even a smile!  While I was shooting this, Anthony’s grandmother had just finished up the final touch on his Halloween costume.  I was really excited that they brought it along to his session!  Little Anthony was Yoda!  And again, this happy go lucky boy gave me a smile!

Enjoy your Halloween and enjoy some of Anthony’s images.  If you are pregnant and will have your first trick-or-treater for next year, send me a message and we can book your newborn session!

Jack-o-Lantern prop: Homegoods

Backdrop and floordrop in pumpkin images: One Stop Backdrop

Floordrop: Intuitions




Happy Halloween 2017Baby boy in Crochet yoda costume