DIY Photo Prop | Sofa Prop Part 2

July 7, 2016

DIY Photography Sofa Prop | Leola PA – Part 2

Time to finish this adorable sofa prop!  Are you ready?   If you are not, start with Part 1 here

At this point there are easy parts and frustrating parts, and also parts that would make you pull your hair out if you are not careful.  Please heed my warnings.  Luckily, none happened to me, but I was aware that they could happen and ruin a good deal if they happened.  However, more on that below.

Now you should have both the seat bottom and the back fully padded, covered, and secured.  The next step is to connect them!  Make sure to gather all your L brackets.  As you can see from the photos, I didn’t get single screw ones.  I did double.  Heavy duty and I bought 5.  I was hoping not to need them, but to make sure the back was on securely and wasn’t going to pop off with a strong toddler leaning back.  Safety first.   It helps to have accident prone kids in my house to help me think ahead.

WARNING: Make sure you do NOT drill too far into the wood as POP you will be out through the vinyl.  It will also be a bit of a struggle if you hit the quilt batting as it just winds up in the drill and you get no where.  Stop the drill, pull the batting out, and clear out what you can from the hole before continuing.

You will want to drill and put screws in all the 6 holes.  Make sure the parts are sec

ure.  This step will probably take two people.  My helper was crying holding onto my leg as I wouldn’t pick her up.  The youngest child is supposed to be spoiled right?

Below you can see the 5 plates I used.  Make sure you space the end ones at a place

you can put the legs.  As you can see, my one leg had an issue due to the plate so it is actually in from the edge.  My OCD cannot handle it, however I was not chancing drilling 6 more holes and not popping through the vinyl cover.

DIY Photography prop child sofa

Below you can see that I attached the plates to put the legs.  They were easy, but again, don’t drill too far in as you could pop through your fabric and you will have to take it off and replace.

DIY Photography prop child sofa

DIY Photography prop child sofa

Mental Break Time

Almost a finished sofa prop.  I was really thinking that I was going to quit here.  Arms for the sofa?  Goodness.  I benched this project for a few days as sewing on bolster pillows was going to take a lot out of my patience.  DIY Photography prop child sofa

Below you see me sewing simple round bolster pillows.  Just a long tube with round ends.  My pattern?  A paper towel roll.  I put two paper towel rolls on the sofa to see if I liked the size or what I would like to see and they worked.  I just made them longer.  I used them to do a pattern out of the same material as the sofa.  I stuffed them with the remainder of the quilt batting.  I rolled and ripped to get them soft yet firm.

DIY Photography Sofa Prop How To

DIY Photography Sofa Prop How To

Let me tell you how much hated hand sewing the other end on.   They were a hot mess, hence they became the back attached to the sofa back.

I purchased this pack of needles as I figured I would need the curved ones as they were labeled upholstry.  Boy they were impossible.  I actually ended up using the first small one for sails.

DIY Photography Sofa Prop How To

DIY Photography Sofa Prop How To

One bolster on.  I sewed two contact points on the back and two underneath.  Not the most secure and I will go back and add more, but at this point I was a frustrated sweaty mess and also was bleeding as the needle is SHARP.  Luckily I picked a soft vinyl that I could easily wipe up with disinfectant.  I hope to use with newborns and have done so with sitters.  Accidents happen and I am all about easy clean up.    DIY Photography Sofa Prop How To

TA DA  Sofa Prop Done.  Well almost.  She looks so plain.  I was gifted a big bag of scrap fabric and made four little pillows for it. Because I want this sofa to be versatile I can easily pick fabric and colors to match a session theme or time of year.  Keep this in mind when you are picking your overall sofa color.  I didn’t do white because of staining and I loved how soft this fabric was.

DIY Photography Sofa Prop How To

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This turned out so great! I am going to have to save this and part 1’s blog post for future reference 😉

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