DIY Newborn Bed Prop

May 23, 2017

DIY Newborn Bed Prop | Lancaster Newborn Photographer


I wanted a newborn post bed since I started in newborn photography.  However, I wanted to make my own.  I am crazy over crafts and DIY, so I decided to tackle it myself.  This is definitely a two person job.  One to hold and and one to screw.  I used screws in this project as they would be more secure especially for newborn safety.  The ones I see online are made with nails and might not be durable after multiple uses.

What you need.  Four stair balusters and one 8 ft board.   Since I wanted my bed to be white, I bought primed white boards.  As you can see from the top post.  I cut each baluster to 22 inches, the two sides to 22 inches and then two end boards at 14 inches.  I also purchased 2 inch wood screws.  I had scrap MDF in the garage that I used for the center to hold the mattress.  If you don’t have this on hand, you will need to buy a board.

How we built it was by doing the end pieces attached to the baluster first.  We put a screw dead center of the board.   The second image has the two end pieces complete.  Make sure to line up the cross bar at the same height.  You will need this for your board to hold the baby.

Then we attached the side boards with two screws so we wouldn’t be bumping into the screw we used for the end pieces.  As you can see from the third image.  Two on the top and one on the side.  Don’t mind the extra hot mess of holes.  This was my attempt at doing it myself before my husband was available.  I just gave myself more patch work to do.  I apologize for the dark images.  I shot them with my cell phone.

Once I had the frame done I cut a center board to fit into the middle.  I used the scrap wood from the long board to nail on the inside of the bed to hold the board.  Make sure all these things are at the same height!  If not, you will have to redo it all.  Adding the board in the middle helped make the frame very sturdy and solid.  I would even put a sitter on it.

If you have questions, comment below.  I am sorry this is a pretty vague post and I didn’t think about photos too much while making.  I get so caught up in crafting!

For in use images, check out this blog post!

DIY Newborn Bed Prop
DIY Newborn Bed Prop