Accreditation and Certification as a Newborn Photographer

January 23, 2020

I really spent time doing my duty looking into any certifications I could get on newborn safety and other photographer certifications for my business. How could I tell you, the potential client, that I have been trained and actually have passed and retained the information. Learning from Youtube videos, while is a great start, doesn’t make you a professional. Especially when it comes to the safety of your precious little newborn. Being a parent also doesn’t qualify mean to pose newborn babies. While, I have held and raised 3 of my own children, posing babies in certain positions for a photo comes with a whole new set of rules and safety issues. Breathing is really important and many positions can greatly compromised your newborns ability to breathe. It is very important that your photographer knows what positions do this, how to compensate so there are no restricted airways, and how to check to make sure the flow of breathing isn’t compromised in the least.

The Unites States, does not currently have a safety standard for photographers. Shocking I know. There are no industry regulations or rules to keep your little one safe while they are getting their portrait taken. There are many companies out there who will give a photographer a certificate if you pay X amount of dollars to them. I wasn’t going to pay money for a “crap” degree when there is no validity for you the client to be reassured.

There are a ton of local photographers with a lot of buttons on their sites about “listed in” a “member of” but all that is, are buttons they paid for in membership dues. Some of them are like putting a county club logo on your car. Only shows us where you put your money.

I found and submitted to APNPI (Accredited Professional Newborn Photographers International) for certification and accreditation. Yes, this is a membership I must pay for, but it isn’t something they hand out. You have a safety course you must pass with a 100% perfect score. After passing the safety portion on newborn photography, you can submit for QNP certification. (QNP=Qualified Newborn Photographer). Each process takes hours of my time. I submitted over 100 photos to obtain my QNP certification. They are very thorough which is why I joined and wanted to be one of their credited photographers.

APNPI is based in Canada. This is an international accreditation with photographers from all around the globe. If you are looking for a photographer, where ever you are located, you can search their database and know that the photographer listed meets their standards.

I have taken in person, hands on workshops and online workshops. I will continue to do so to keep fresh with the safety of any latest trending poses and to keep fresh for your little one. If you have questions for me about any of what you read, please ask away and I will do my best to answer them.