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June 20, 2016

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As a start to my photography blog, I wanted to have a session and try something new.  A big thank you to my sister-in-law for letting me try out my studio set up on someone other than my children.  I wanted to become a photographer and this was a great test.  I wanted to try high key lighting. For right out of the gate, I think these photos turn out amazing!  It helped having someone who knows in front of the camera as well as behind the camera to help smooth things out. It helped to give my in studio confidence a boost.   Photography session blog

I have a few things added to my “figure it out” list and many others taken off.  Such a boost of confidence to be able to take what I have in my head and produce it for others to see.  Now to continue this trend and practice, practice, practice.  It is only a mistake if one does not learn from it.  Photography is such a wonderful creative space with plenty of room for growth.  I do not believe one stops growing in their photographer journey.


high key lighting studio photography session blog



Super glad I figured out a white background.  The heavenly or dreamy photos are really my favorites.  Lighting the white background was not as hard as many folks make it out to be.  

high key lighting photography session blog

newborn photography blog session

photography session photographer blog

 I love the drama of the black background as well.  Dreamy or dark and moody?  Oh I love both!   The below image has a baseball bat that was given to the baby.  It has his stats on it and the bat was his length at birth!  What a great gift idea.

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