Benigno Newborn Family Photos

June 22, 2017

Benigno Newborn Family Photos – Lancaster, PA Newborn Photographer


Mom scheduled her newborn photos right away of Luke.  Due to Dad’s work schedule and the boys school schedule, we decided to just take family photos later on.  We got the sleepy baby newborn photos, and the whole family at a good time for them.  There was no rushing and changing schedules which already were uprooted a bit by the arrival of a baby.  We picked a time that worked for older siblings and the baby to keep everyone happy.

Baby Luke has changed so much since his newborn photos taken only 5 weeks ago.  That is ages of time with how fast a newborn grows.  He has changed so much!   It is always fun with a one year old and photos.  They are mobile and want to check everything out and not sit still for photos.  Luckily, “where’s the baby?” works to keep them entertained.  Not to mention mom and dad making goofy faces and sounds behind me.

Mom wanted one good family photo and one good brother photo.  Nailed it.

If you want a newborn photo session but work or school gets in the way of getting the entire family together right away, don’t worry!  I will do the newborn in the first 2 weeks of life and you can come back when everyone has availability. This might help with older siblings who are not sure of the newest family member.  They have a chance to get to know them and having them around.  This way asking them to sit beside, or hold the baby won’t be such an uncomfortable situation to be in.  This could lead to more tender interactions on the family photos you will have to cherish forever.

three brothers in newborn session on gray seamless backdropBenigno Newborn Family Photo