Benigno Cake Smash – Luke

July 17, 2018

Benigno Cake Smash – Luke

Luke, the third boy of the Benigno family.  He was the second cake smash I have done for this family.  Mom wanted one similar to one I got with his older brother.  If you look back on Jacob’s one year, you will find a similar image to the ones below.  Mom didn’t have any preference to things she wanted for Luke’s one year.  She just wanted a blue and gray/silver color theme.

With all my cake smashes, if I did their newborn portraits, I try to pull at least one thing from the newborn session.  For Luke I pulled the dotted backdrop I used.  I also grabbed the wooden wagon I used for his brother’s one year portraits. 

Mom wanted one photo to be similar, but unique to each boy.  I used the same backdrop but different colors matching Luke’s colors. It is the one with Luke playing with the gray balloon.  She has this from Jacob’s one year hanging in her house with his blue and green color theme. 

If you would like to schedule a cake smash in my studio, I would love to hear from you!  Please reach out and I will be happy to plan a great session for your one year old!  Stay up to date by following me on Facebook or Instagram!

Benigno Cake Smash - LukeBenigno Cake Smash - LukeBenigno Cake Smash - LukeBenigno Cake Smash - LukeBenigno Cake Smash - Luke

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