Behind the Scenes-Mini Photographer

March 2, 2016

Here is a behind the scene pull back of my two daughters in the studio.  I was taking photos of my daughter for Valentine’s day.  The baby did not want to look at me and my camera.  My eldest decided since the baby was already looking at her, she would take the photos. 

Kids are such big sponges.  The model loved her photographers pink camera!  I couldn’t get her to look at mine!

Behind the Scenes-pull back photography studio

As you can see in this behind the scenes image, I have one strobe with soft box to light up the face as the second is without the soft box pointed at the white background.  In this case, I was using a white muslin sheet.  I have since found that one of my printed vinyl backdrops flipped to the white back side is much better for high key lighting.

I really am loving the high-key lighting and would love to do a maternity session in studio.  However, I am sure that will wait until the weather turns colder and mother nature goes dormant for the season.  I really love Ana Brandt’s high-key maternity photos from in-studio with her gowns.  It is simple and pure.  Check out her amazing maternity work here:

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