Baby Nora

September 21, 2017

Baby Nora – Newborn Photographer – Lancaster, PA

Baby Nora came for her newborn session at 9 days old.  She is easy going and calm.  She barely cried and only made her cute baby coos while she slept.  Baby Nora woke up at the end of her session to have some face time with her parents as she was getting ready to go home.    Nora just opened her eyes and looked around.

I was able to get Nora into poses that some babies don’t care for.  I always go with the cues of the baby on what positions they like and are comfortable in.  Certain poses you have to watch their belly button, or if they just fed, they might not like being on their full tummy’s.  Baby Nora didn’t mind any position.  She gave me the two images I needed to composite her froggy position before she let us know that she needed some mommy snuggles for a meal.

I kept with Mom and Dad’s theme of Lavender and gray for her session, but did a neutral backdrop to add a hint of late summer.  This was my first time using this soft cream color backdrop from Fancy Fabrics and I love it!  So soft for babies delicate skin that Nora snuggled right up on.   The late summer colored headband is from So Tweet Designs.  I bought the Army skirt specially for Nora to wear as her Dad is in the Active Reserves.  Luckily Nora’s arrival did not interfere with Dad’s weekend away.


The other products I have used in Baby Nora’s session are:

Dusty Wisteria Dream Weave –  Intuition Backgrounds,

Purple crochet bonnet – Newborn knits by Chelsea

Army skirt and headband set – No 2. Willow Lane


I would love it if you would let me snuggle your little one during a newborn session.  Let me know what colors you would like for your newborn and I will plan a session that fits your new family!

Baby Nora