Charitable Giving

Charitable Giving

When I started my business, I wanted to contribute my craft in some way to my community.  It was my turn to pay it forward with charitable giving. Therefore, looked to the interests I had and experienced personally for inspiration.

First of all, is one I felt in my heart I must do. That is taking the first portrait of a newly formed family through adoption. I have a strong desire to foster and adopt children myself, however, our family is not in a position to do so at this time. For those that are, I wanted to help them out.

If you have just adopted please schedule a family portrait session on me. This is a free session with one posed family portrait. This is a high-resolution file with full printing rights and without my watermark. I will take many photos during your session and additional ones may be purchased for $25 each photo.

I am not a member of the Red Thread Society as they are currently not accepting applications.

Secondly, is one I have personal experience with, due to going through fertility treatments to conceive.  Therefore, I know how deeply fertility treatments affect a couple financially.  As a result I am going to give $100 off the newborn creative fee to those who were under the care of a reproductive endocrinologist.  If your baby was conceived through medical help, please get in touch with me.  I would love to take your newborns first portraits!

If you have any questions, please contact me at or 717-951-9227. I look forward to hearing from you!

Here is the first fertility conceived baby I had in the studio.  Babies are perfect in every way.