Dianna Capka

Wife, Mother, Photographer



My name is Dianna and I am a Lancaster newborn and family photographer. I was born and raised in Lancaster County, PA. I moved back into the area when my husband and I were in the middle of building our family. It is this family that has helped me to perfect my photography skills on fast moving little ones! I am a stay at home mom to three children, two girls and a boy. I love seeing how their personalities start to emerge in outward expressions.

I wanted to capture all the sweet moments when I started having children. I love when their personalities are forever caught in a photo. When I had my third child, I realized that I wanted to share this passion with others. Children grow up so fast and it is really important to capture moments. A photograph is the only way to freeze time. I hope to do the same for you.

I hope to always grow and better myself as a person and as a photographer. Entering the photography world on the business side has introduced me to wonderful clients and fellow artists. I am proud to be a member of a community who helps to build one another up professionally and personally.

I am a crafty person and if I cannot find what I am looking for I tend to make them. Or I make them for fun and to make my item unique compared to mass produced props. You can check out many of my projects on my blog.

I am looking forward to combine my photographer visions with your needs and wants as a client.





Photo Credit: Corrina Ann Photography

Behind the scene images from Corrina Ann Photography

Photo Credit: The amazing Corrina from Corrina Ann Photography.  Follow her on Facebook!


  • Business founded February 2015
  • Finalist in the Babies and Toddler category in the 2016 Shoot and Share Contest
  • Newborn image published in The Wandering Photographer Magazine 7th Edition
  • 3 images from my senior sessions were selected for publication in The Wandering Photographer Magazine 9th Edition
  • 2017 Shoot and Share Contest results: 4 images in the top 30%, 3 in the top 20%, and 1 in the top 10% of entries.